粉絲知道什麼是Money Mule嗎?





A money mule is a person who transfers stolen money or merchandise(貨品[ˋmɝtʃən͵daɪz]) from one country to another, either in person, through a courier(信差 [ˋkʊrɪɚ] ) service, or electronically(通過電子手段 [ɪ͵lɛkˋtrɑnɪk!ɪ]). The term is commonly(通常地[ˋkɑmənlɪ]) used to describe on-line scams(詐騙 [ˋskæm]) that prey on victims who are unaware(未查覺到[͵ʌnəˋwɛr]) that the money or merchandise they are transferring is stolen. In these scams, the stolen money or merchandise(商品、貨物 [ˋmɝtʃən͵daɪz] ) is transferred from the victim's country to the scam operator's country.

Money mules are commonly recruited( 徵募[rɪˋkrut] ) with job advertisements for "payment processing agents," "money transfer agents," "local processors," and other similar titles. Some money mules are recruited by a scammer posing as an attractive member of the opposite sex. Candidates(候選人 [ˋkændədet]) are asked to accept payments and to remit most of the funds to a third party — a job which can be done from one's own home. Legitimate companies use escrow( 附帶條件契約[ˋɛskro] ) services for this kind of work.Scammers trading in stolen goods use similar tactics to recruit mules who receive packages and then forward them to mail drops in the scammer's home country.




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