Legend has it the first machine dispensed holy water in exchange for a coin in ancient Egypt.



Tobacco vending machines have been around since the 1600s.



Then came soft drinks, chocolate bars, bubble gum and condoms.

Now, vending machines can be used for anything small enough to be lifted out of a tray, it seems.Japan has embraced the concept wholeheartedly, selling eggs, bras, live lobsters, salad, cold and hot coffee, ties and, reportedly, even used underwear from machines. Other countries are catching on.








 Cupcakes (New York) 杯子蛋糕 (紐約)


For $4.25 you get to choose from cinnamon chocolate, black and white and seasonal specialties such as Irish chocolate and maple bacon.




Where to find it: 780 Lexington Ave., New York


*cinnamon ( n. ) 肉桂

*specialty ( n. ) 特產 ; 特製品





 Gold bars (Dubai, UAE) 金塊 (杜拜,阿拉伯聯合大公國)


At the Gold ATM you can purchase anything from a 2.5-gram, 24-karat gold coin to a rather more substantial 31-gram (one ounce) gold bar. You even have a choice of designs: a locally significant Burj Khalifa design or a kangaroo or Canadian maple leaf.

The price stays up to date via the Internet, it's refreshed every 60 seconds.




Where to find it: Lower Ground Floor, next to entrance to Burj Khalifa Observation Deck At The Top, Dubai Mall, Down Town, Dubai, UAE


*purchase ( v. ) 購買

*substantial ( adj. ) 多的 ; 大的 ; 有價值的

*significant ( adj. ) 有意義的 ; 意味深長的

*refresh ( v. ) 更新





 Flip-flops (Sydney) 平底人字拖 (雪梨)


Flip-flops, or thongs as they're locally known, are part of the uniform in this country of sunshine, surfer dudes and an all-embracing relaxed attitude. If you've arrived unprepared, the Havaianas flip-flop vending machine in Sydney's city center could be your sole salvation.






*flip-flop ( n. )  平底人字拖鞋

*embrace ( v. ) 擁抱

*salvation ( n. ) 拯救






 Umbrellas (Vancouver, British Columbia) 雨傘 (溫哥華)


You know that you've landed somewhere with inclement weather when there's an umbrella vending machine at the airport. One of the wettest cities in Canada with an average of 57 inches of rain per year, Vancouver prides itself in its mild climate, but gives you the option to be prepared. For $5 you get a pocket-sized umbrella and ... well that's it.


看到機場裡有雨傘販賣機你應該就知道這是個陰雨的城市! 加拿大溫哥華以自己溫暖的天氣為傲,但是他們還是為了旅客做了最充足的準備! 花五美元你可以買到一把口袋大小的雨傘,你覺得五塊錢還可以買到什麼嗎?不,就這樣而已。


*inclement ( adj. ) 氣候嚴峻的

*mild ( adj. ) 溫暖的


Where to find it: Level 1, domestic arrivals just before the exit to public transportation, Vancouver Airport, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada





 Bicycle helmets (Melbourne, Australia) 腳踏車安全帽 (墨爾本,澳洲)


If you're alighting at Southern Cross Station in the heart of Melbourne, you can get a helmet out of a machine. Three sizes, one design, $5, and you have a stylish blue helmet that's safe and legal.




*alight ( v. ) (從車輛、馬背) 下來


Where to find it: Southern Cross Station, near the rental bike stand on Spencer Street, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia





 Caviar (Los Angeles) 魚子醬 (洛杉磯)


Called Caviar Automated Boutiques, these upscale vendors offer more than a dozen types of caviar from all over the world, packed in shiny containers offering anything from a tasty morsel at 25 grams (around $25) to party boxes of 400 grams ($999.95).




*morsel ( n. ) 一口


Where to find it: Westfield Topanga, Level 2, 6600 Topanga Canyon Blvd., Canoga Park, California





 Books (Canada) (加拿大)


It's a universally acknowledged truth that those in possession of too many unread books continue to buy new ones. Green Reads offers a solution: a book vending machine that allows you to get a good secondhand book for $2, as well as giving you the opportunity to donate a book for the next reader.


你是否有許多你沒有讀的書卻不知道該怎麼處理這些書呢? Green Reads想到一個解決辦法,他們設置一台書的販賣機,每個人都可以把想要賣掉的書以二手價2加幣售出。


*universally ( adv. ) 普遍地


Where to find it: The prototype is at Barrie Transit Downtown terminal, 24 Maple Ave., Barrie, Ontario




 Burritos (Los Angeles) 墨西哥料理的一種(以肉、乳酪、豆泥做餡的麵餅捲)(洛杉磯)


Students' diets are notoriously bad, so what better place than the University of Southern California campus for the first-ever burrito vending machine? For $3.75 you can get a hot, steaming burrito.




*notoriously ( adv. ) 惡名昭彰地 ; 聲名狼藉地


Where to find it? Parkside Apartments, 3730 McClintock Ave., USC, Los Angeles




參考資料 : http://goo.gl/LPPp9D









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