cool bounce house  


大家知道什麼是Bouncy House嗎?

Bouncy [ˋbaʊnsɪ] adj. 有彈性的

在兒童遊樂場中我們常常可以見到Bouncy Castle充氣城堡


今天小編要介紹給各位的是"大家的Bouncy Castle"就是大人小孩都可以體驗的




It’s the world’s first bouncy house hotel room. It’s suspended in the air. It’s an art installation.

Besides being suspended 22 feet in the air, the “hotel rehearsal” as it’s called, is an inflatable hotel room that features a bed, a couch and a small bathroom with a shower, sink and toilet. The “hotel rehearsal,” is an architectural art installation by artist Alex Schweder that was created as part of the Biennial of Americas. It will be moving around downtown Denver now through Aug. 23.



suspend [səˋspɛnd] v. 懸掛

rehearsal [rɪˋhɝs!] n. 試演

inflatable [ɪnˋfletəb!] adj. 膨脹的

Biennial [baɪˋɛnɪəl] adj. 兩年一度的 (eg.Biennial of Americas 美國雙年展 ) 



At 50k per night,  you may be better off buying a bouncy castle and spending the weekend in your backyard. And while a stay in the world’s first bouncy house hotel room isn’t cheap, it does come with a whole host of extras. The package, created by Denver’s Curtis Hotel to showcase its temporary “Stargazer Floor” is called the Lloyd in the Sky with Diamonds package (think: the Beatles’ “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds,” with hotel spokesrobot Lloyd thrown in). It includes:


• One weekend night in “the hotel rehearsal” floating hotel room
• Luxurious airport transportation via limousine, stocked with cocktails and munchies
• Be greeted at your floating hotel room by Sonny & Cher impersonators
• Groovy in-room amenities like 1960s scarves and bell bottoms
• Tiffany diamond pendant and earring set
• A set of Swarovski binoculars
• An i-Pad Mini loaded with the StarGazer app
• Two iPod Nanos pre-loaded with Lloyd’s favorite ’60s tunes. The iPods are yours to take home
• A party for 100 of your closest friends at Lloyd’s Studio 54 lounge in the Curtis Four Square Ballroom with food, drinks and a hookah bar
• An afternoon with a private, personal shopper to help you find the perfect party ensemble
• Disco brunch for two at the Corner Office Restaurant & Martini Bar, including bottomless Mimosas and Bloody Marys.



limousine [ˋlɪmə͵zin]  n. 豪華轎車

munchies [ˋmʌntʃɪz] n. 零食

groovy [ˋgruvɪ]  adj. 時髦的

amenity [əˋminətɪ] adj. 舒適的 




沒錯! 就是他的花費非常驚人一晚要價50萬美~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~金~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

換算台幣差不多150萬! 對小編來說真的寧願就像文章第一段說的買一個充氣城堡在自己家裡的後院然後住上整個週末XD

當然有能力的話去住住看也算是一個特別的經驗吧? 粉絲們會想試試看嗎?

粉絲知道有哪些有趣的飯店也可以和我們分享喔! 我們下次見



資料來源: ABC NEWS









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