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今天小編要來跟大家分享關於Pi角色個性的分析! 讓我們一起來瞧瞧吧~



Life of Pi isn't a character-driven book. Meaning, Martel doesn't devote the majority of his efforts to digging deep into the characters' minds. Sure, we can love Pi's humor and good nature, but these character traits also function as open doorways for Martel's ideas. In most philosophical novels, the character is more or less his ideas. This doesn't make the character any better or any worse – just a different literary creation.

Think of it this way: either ideas battle it out and deepen through a character, or the character deepens through his encounters with ideas, events, etc. We think Pi is of the first sort. Sure, he's smarter and wiser by the end of the book – and he does develop as a character – but we still think ideas are Martel's first priority. In talking about some of the major ideas Pi encounters and adopts, we'll hopefully clarify both the ideas themselves and, at the same time, essential parts of Pi's character.

This kid has one of the most magical childhoods ever. Who gets to grow up as a zookeeper's son? People like Pi exist only in National Public Radio Land or in obscure documentaries. Part of the magic of Pi's childhood, of course, results from his environment: the zoo and the liveliest of all lively countries where he lives, India. If America is a melting pot, India is a jewel-encrusted statue. Democracy, Hinduism, Buddhism, Christianity, Islam, a new rationality and progress: all these elements are present and haven't been mixed beyond recognition. The word pluralism comes to mind.

Pi internalizes his country. A character could very well react differently to India: it could overwhelm him, the poverty could instill deep depression and hopelessness. Pi doesn't focus on these things. He's so positive! Instead, the abundance of the world entrances him (and perhaps the reader along with him). Pi later studies Religion and Zoology at the University of Toronto, but he actually studies these disciplines the second he gets out of the womb. His tolerance, religious inquisitiveness, and joy astound us.

※ character-driven: 在西方用語中會使用something-driven來表達使...驅動,在翻譯上我們不會將驅動直接翻出來,有點像是一種會意的用語,小編要來請大家腦力激盪怎麼翻會比較好呢


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